Exploding glass shower door forum

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Exploding glass shower door forum

Dec 13, 2008Temper glass will explode at times for no reason at all. The shower door should have a rubber (soft or hard) depending on the manufacture, it does mount on the side Mar 03, 2015So I bought a shower glass door at Home Depot and 6 months after installation it spontaneously blows up. Home Depot removed my review stating I made Tempered shower glass door spontaneously blows up RedFlagDeals. com Forums Exploding shower door. 21st Oct 18 at 7: 00 AM Understand that glass does not just explode spontaneously. Generally speaking it has to have sustained a physical knock prior to failure. Always remember anyone can post on the MSE forums, so it can be very different from our opinion. You may never look at your glass shower door the same after reading this. Janet and Sam Pellerite of Upper Macungie Township told me their shower door spontaneously exploded at 5 o'clock one. Jul 16, 2016Having gently knocked out the rest of the glass I can see it didn't explode before as this time the glass also went all over the place. And yes, Nick, it was a framed pane. This would be a right pain in the butt (perhaps in more than one sense) if it happened whilst you were in the shower and there was no one else around. A Shower door which exploded when getting out of the shower. The door had been fitted since January and had operated without any problems but then with out any warning exploded causing cuts to my toes, hand, thigh and hand. Complain that you read on the internet of an isolated incident involving a glass shower. A hanging glass shower door that falls from its track, for example, may shatter quite easily. It is conceivable that some of the exploding shower doors occur because one of the top rollers loosens, causing the door to fall an inch or two, shattering on impact. Submitted by Guest User on During last saturday evening the right hand door of our guest ensuite quadrant shower cubicle exploded. I telephoned the manufacturer to be told that this happens quite often and that the glass must have been damaged in some way. When one man replaced the rollers on his shower door, he was astounded to have the door literally explode into thousands of tiny shards of glass. He was simply holding the door when the event occurred, causing numerous gashes over his hands and arms. Consumers beware: those glass doors in your shower can spontaneously explode, causing injuries and a big cleanup to boot. Tempered Glass Shower Doors Are Shattering For No Reason a normal shower when the tempered glass door suddenly disintegrated, cutting him. However, Meshulum illustrated how much pressure is in the glass. After it exploded into pieces, he pointed to a huge chunk of a shower door still partially in tact dangling from the hardware at. Feb 02, 2009The flying glass, also caused minor damage to the new shower tray, vanity unit and paintwork. It took 2 hours to clean up the mess. When I called Kohler, they were apologetic, and said that this happen's with tempered glass in one in every 10, 000 doors, and. Aug 02, 2008Toughened glass can occasionally explode for no apparent reason, doors, windows, conservatories. It does happen, do some googling and you will find out more.

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